Why do still Bangladeshi apparel factories need to import accessories

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At present, there are more than 1800 garment accessories and packaging industries across the country and they manufacture more than 30 garments accessories and packaging items, meeting almost 90% of the demand in the apparel sector. Tk 40,000 crore in the last 15 years has been invested in the sector.

Question: Why do still factories import accessories when we can meet 90% of demand? Is it a trust problem or buyer nominate foreign companies?

Moazzem Hossain Moti, President, BGAPMEA


Actually we have the capacity and we are producing 100% of the accessories and packaging products needed for the Bangladesh apparel industry. But the RMG makers’ imports 10% accessories and packaging products due to buyers nominated foreign companies. Mainly the fancy items.

A.H. Md. Rezanur Sohel, Managing Director, eS Trims Ltd.

Yes, this is mainly because of the buyer’s requirements/nominations. Though RMG factories are paying almost double to source their accessories from overseas. Bangladesh is now equipped to produce all sorts of accessories. RMG factories should stand together to place the orders to local accessories factories at the right price. Accessories factories are not getting the right price for their products, which could lead them to produce more verities of products.

Sharif Mohammad, Director, Rehash Accessories & Sourcing Ltd.

Often it is seen that garments manufacturers give less priority to accessories and get a claim from buyers. As you said we are now enough capable and doing very well in accessories but still not getting enough opportunity. Many traders have the license and make double profit from the manufacturers whereas we have invested a lot.

I think if the garments factories give support, buyers also will get confidence. And usually, merchandisers procure the accessories. They should select the right companies from our country those who have all the certifications and maintain quality.

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